PD Flow Meters Used as metering valve Liquid Sweeteners

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Positive displacement flow meters Liquid controls positive displacement flow meters are made of cast iron stainless steel and aluminium. These meters provide accuracy in batch processing blending and custody transfer of liquids over a wide range of products flow rate control viscosities pressures and temperatures. Positive displacement flow meters are given with mechanical counters and registers or they can even be supplied with pulse output device fitted towards the mechanical counter. Such systems provide compatibility with liquid controls LectroCount electronic registration system or other scales pulsedriven counters flow computers or batch controllers.

The Positive displacement flow meter can be easily made to include an array of process connections like ANSI flange NPT or BSPT threads and slipon weld flange. The popular industries where these meters can be used are in the food industry for metering valve liquid sweeteners such as vegetable oils and corn syrup. Within market involved with industries their applications include metering valve of caustics solvents water and acids. Bottom loading skids Bottom loading skids have been used widely in the oil industries worldwide.

They are designed for loading rate of to LPM for the loading of distilled products. Characteristics of bottom loading skids include Galvanised steel frame for long life and reduced painting maintenance Colour coded hoses for easy identification of products Quick release as well as dry break bottom couplings Meets petroleum industry standards and regulations Offers optimum stock accountability Mechanical or electronic metering valve systems for accurate readings Overfill prevention rack Full installation service and one year warranty on parts and labour Tanker loading arms Tanker loading arms participate in category of loading arms that comes in various sizes for catering various needs and generally made of stainless steel or aluminum.

Features of tanker loading arms Powder coated carbon steel construction with PTFE seals Suitable for both top and bottom loading Used widely in loading skids and loading systems Joints at fulcrum and base to ensure complete horizontal as well as vertical operation and for quick servicing onsite. The bottom loading arm consists of top spool or top apex swivel balance mechanism aluminium drop tubes and semiauto coupling unit Applications where tanker loading arms can be used are Oil distribution depots Road and rail tanker loading facilities Top or bottom loading conversion Bottom loading skids Petroleum terminals Diesel flow meters Diesel flow meters can be either single or double case meters.